Each year, over 80 million people visit the state of Florida. It’s one of the top vacation destinations, usually ranking within the top few states in terms of receiving the most tourism. People love all that Florida has to offer, and for good reason. Florida is a beautiful state that offers a wide variety of activities all year long. With the absences of snowy weather, people can engage in their favorite activities anytime of the year.

Nearly 60 million people visit Disney World each year, which is located in Orlando. The theme parks are popular attractions when it comes to bring in the tourists. However, there are a lot of things beyond the theme parks that can help make your Florida vacation even better. You can put together a Disney vacation, but be sure to add on a few other things before your trip is over, so that you get a great overall experience.

Here are three ways to help make your Florida vacation even better:

  1. Add in an outdoor activity. Florida has amazing outdoor activities all year long. During the summer months check out one of the many natural springs, and in the winter take a hike. Other options include airboat rides, surfing, biking, and more. There’s something for everyone.
  2. Include beach time. The state has 825 miles of beach, making it a must to check some of it out. Whether you want to visit the ocean or check out the gulf, putting your toes in the sand is a great way to connect with the beauty of Florida. Every theme park vacation should include a day or a couple of days at the beach.
  3. Opt for a condo stay. Hotels have limited options and very little space. Go with a vacation condo rental, which will give you plenty of space and make your trip more relaxing.

Your Florida vacation will most likely be great, but by adding in these three things you can make it even better. You will take home more memories, be more relaxed (theme parks are exhausting!), and you will be more comfortable. It’s not often that most people get to take a Florida vacation, so make it the best trip you can from the start.

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