If you will be renting a condo in New Smyrna Beach, you are making a great choice. There are many wonderful things to do in this beautiful beach town. But going to the beach probably isn’t all you want to do every day, all day long during your vacation. There are plenty of great New Smyrna Beach events to check out throughout the year, too!

Whether you plan your New Smyrna Beach vacation around these events, or want to keep them in mind to avoid the crowds they may bring in, it’s a good idea to know about them. Here are 5 popular yearly events that you can check out when you are at your New Smyrna Beach condo rental vacation:

  1. New Smyrna Beach Sand Art Festival. If you like to look at sand art, which are sculptures on the beach that are made from sand, you won’t want to miss the New Smyrna Beach Sand Art Festival, which is held every fall, usually in October.
  2. New Smyrna Beach Art Festival. Art lovers won’t want to miss the art festival that is held every January. You can stroll along and admire hundreds of art pieces, made by artists from around America and Canada.
  3. New Smyrna Beach Boat Parade. If you like parades you will love this new twist on the old classic style. Decorated boats form a parade that make their way down the river, putting on a light show for spectators. This is held every December as part of the holiday festivities.
  4. Jeep Beach. Jeep fans will want to check out or participate in the annual Jeep Beach event that takes place in the area every spring. Hundreds of Jeeps from around the country will gather to drive down the beach in a parade, as well as participate in a variety of fun activities.
  5. New Smyrna Beach Balloon & Sky Fest. Love hot air balloons filling the sky? You will want to rent a New Smyrna Beach condo when the annual Balloon & Sky Fest takes place, usually in November. There are lots of hot air balloons, rides, a carnival, and more.

When you rent a New Smyrna Beach condo, you will be putting yourself in a prime spot for a great time. The laid back beach town offers plenty of surf and relaxation time, unmatched sunrise views, and lots of fun. Be sure to check out our beautiful beachfront New Smyrna Beach condo rental. We have everything you need for a great time, and we have some the best rates around. Just steps from a drive-free beach, you will never want to go home!