Vacationing in New Smyrna Beach and staying in a beach side condo? Congratulations, you will end up having a fabulous time! But there is one little detail most people don’t talk much about that you should keep in mind – staying on a drive free beach. Many people who visit New Smyrna Beach don’t realize that there are beaches you can drive on, and beaches that are traffic free. Vacationing on a traffic free beach in New Smyrna Beach has advantages you will want to be aware of.

The Daytona Beach area is known for the drive beaches, where you can drive you car onto the beach along the ocean. It’s a tradition that dates back many years and is fun if you are in the vehicle, but it’s not so great for those enjoying the beach. If you will be renting a New Smyrna Beach condo on the beach, you should opt for one that is on a drive free beach area. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Pollution. When cars are driving the beach they are emitting fumes, among other things. The last thing you want to do is look out at the beautiful ocean and smell someone’s exhaust.
  2. Dodging cars. The drive beaches can get quite busy with cars headed in both directions. You end up dodging cars and trying to make sure you are not in their line of traffic (which may shift as the tides move in and out).
  3. View obstructions. The big draw to renting a New Smyrna Beach condo is that you will have beautiful views. With a traffic free beach you won’t have to worry about cars going back and forth to create traffic that obstructs your ocean views.
  4. Tides. The tides come in and go out and if there are cars parked on the beach it often leaves very little beach area for people who want to enjoy it. A traffic free beach will still give you room to walk, relax, and play during high tide.
  5. Family friendly. If you have children you will find that traffic free beaches are safer. The kids can play without you having to worry about cars being in their path. Traffic free beaches are family friendly and safer for everyone.

Ideally you should rent a traffic free beachfront condo in New Smyrna Beach. You can still drive the beach if you’d like, just drive a couple of miles down and go on to the drive section. This way you will have the best of both worlds. Our New Smyrna Beach condo rental is located on a pristine traffic free beach, giving you the best possible views and overall experience.

We offer the best New Smyrna Beach condo rental, with plenty of space, accommodations, and beachfront fun!