Many people in the state and around the country are wondering about Florida beaches reopening. While locals want to be able to spend some time playing in the surf and sand, others want to start planning their vacation to the Sunshine State. Whether you want to visit the beach for the day or plan a nice getaway, there are some things you should know about Florida beaches reopening.

Here are 5 things you should know about Florida beaches reopening:

  1. Not all Florida beaches will be reopening at the same time. While the governor has given the nod for beaches to open, whether or not they do will come down to individual counties. Some counties never completely closed during the pandemic, such as here in Volusia County. Florida beaches will reopen on a county-by-county basis.
  2. Once Florida beaches reopen it will be with rules that are aimed at keeping people safe. Some beaches are opening for exercise purposes only (e.g., running, biking, surfing, etc.), while others are starting to open for lounging.
  3. Florida beaches that reopen for lounging will still practice social distancing. Those visiting the beach will be expected to remain in their own small groups, limiting the number of people together. They will also be expected to keep groups at least six feet apart.
  4. It’s important to remember that when it comes to Florida beaches reopening, there is plenty of room for people to visit the beach and practice social distancing. The state of Florida has 663 miles of beach, which offers plenty of space for spreading out and enjoying the day. Even here in Volusia County, we have 47 miles of beach, which is a lot of space for having fun in the sun.
  5. The federal government has offered information regarding sunlight and COVID-19, stating that the natural direct sunlight kills the virus quickly. This is good news for those who want to enjoy soaking up some time in the sun.

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