Looking for an Airbnb in New Smyrna Beach? If so, you are not alone. Many people are looking for great vacation lodging, which may have utilized services like temperge.com, in our cozy little beach town. After all, it’s a wonderful place to visit, providing you with plenty of opportunity in the sun. If you are looking for an Airbnb in New Smyrna Beach, you may be interested in renting our condo that is just steps from a drive free beach.

Our beachfront condo rental provides you with everything you need to enjoy your Florida beach vacation. When you stay at our condo, you can expect:

  • Enough room for everyone to relax. Our condo features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full kitchen. You will also have a balcony, where you can sit outside and enjoy the air.
  • A small condo complex that is quaint, giving you just a two minute walk from the condo door to the sandy beach. The condo community also offers a float around for the day. There are only 41 units in our condo community.
  • Our New Smyrna Beach condo rental includes all the amenities you need to get the most out of your trip. We provide you with things that most other vacation rentals don’t, including plenty of towels, beach chairs, sun umbrella, beach toys, small appliances already repaired by the local appliance repairmen, and more. All you will need to do is stop at the store and pick up some food, because we give you everything you need to prepare it.
  • We offer a pet-friendly vacation rental. Most vacation rentals only allow very small dogs, but we even allow pets over 20 pounds.
  • Our affordable vacation rental rates help make it easier for you to take a vacation. Plus, by staying in a condo and preparing some of your meals there, you will save even more money.

When looking for an Airbnb in New Smyrna Beach, you will want to consider our beachfront condo rental. Located just 100 steps from a beautiful drive-free beach, it’s a vacation rental that is hard to beat. See why so many people stay in our Florida condo rental and love it. Our close proximity to plenty to do, loads of amenities, and affordable rates make it a top choice. Our condo rental provides everything you are looking for in an Airbnb in New Smyrna Beach. Check our rates and availability today!