Each year, there are millions of people who vacation in Florida. The state offers a wealth of things to do, with there being something for everyone. This year, things are a bit different, because of the pandemic. It leaves many people wondering if it’s safe to vacation in Florida. There are some things to consider when determining if you want to book a vacation to Florida.

Whether or not it is safe to vacation in Florida is going to come down to your own comfort level. Some people feel safe traveling right now, while others may feel they want to hold off a while longer. If you are older or have underlying health conditions it may have an impact on your decision.

Here are some things to consider when asking yourself whether or not it is safe to vacation in Florida right now:

  • While there are many states that still have things shutdown, Florida is largely open. Even Disney is open and people are visiting there. Capacity may be reduced, but plenty of people are having a good time.
  • In Florida, vacation rentals are open for business. You can rent condos, hotels, and more. While there was a short term ban on vacation rentals, that was lifted months ago. We are able to rent and people are taking vacations to the state once again.
  • If you want to vacation in Florida and spend time at the beach, you will easily be able to socially distance. Even during the pandemic, our beaches largely remained opened. In Volusia County, we have 47 miles of beach front along the Atlantic Ocean. There’s a lot of space for spreading out, getting fresh air, and enjoying your vacation.
  • You can choose a vacation rental that takes clear COVID safety measures when it comes to cleaning. At our condo rental, we take disinfecting serious, and we ensure that the condo has been properly cleaned and sanitized between guests.
  • On your Florida vacation you can also enjoy dining at restaurants, going kayaking, hiking, shopping, and much more. Just about everything is open here and ready for your business.

Consider the place you are going to go to in order to determine if it is safe to visit Florida. Our vacation condo rental is located just steps from a no drive beach in New Smyrna Beach. The two bedroom, two bathroom condo have everything you need to enjoy your vacation. It’s been sanitized, you have plenty of space for socially distancing on the trip, and you can take the time to reduce stress and focus on wellness.

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