If you are looking for famous beaches in Florida you will not want to miss out on considering New Smyrna Beach. Situated in a beautiful area between Daytona Beach and Coco Beach, you can’t beat the Florida vacation experience that this beach and city provides. The more you get to know New Smyrna Beach, the more you will want to make it your next vacation destination.

New Smyrna Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Florida. This is for two reasons, including that it is a nature lover’s paradise, and because it’s the shark bite capital of the world. Don’t let the second reason scare you away from packing your bags and making it the place where you take your next beach vacation.

The reason that New Smyrna Beach is considered the shark bite capital of the world is because we have world class surfing here. The surfing conditions in the area are excellent, which brings a lot of surfers to the area. It’s largely surfers who get bit by sharks, and even then they are minor bites that most of the surfers brag about later to their friends.

Those minor shark bites may make New Smyrna Beach one of the most famous beaches in Florida, but once you get to know the nature lover’s paradise that it is you will see why it draws so many tourists. The beautiful sandy beach offers a great place to take a walk, comb the beach for treasures, or kick back and relax. There are areas of the beach where you can drive your car, and there are areas where driving is not allowed.

New Smyrna Beach offers a kid friendly beach vacation, providing families with a great destination. There is plenty to do, lots to explore, and the views go on for miles and miles. If you are daring enough, you may even want to get in on the great surfing opportunities that the area is known for.

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