Many people are searching for the best vacation spots in Florida. The state gets tens of millions of visitors each year and everyone wants to narrow down where they should go for their vacation. Whether you are planning a fun family getaway or you want a romantic stay for two, New Smyrna Beach has you covered. It’s one of the best vacation spots in Florida and for good reason.

Millions are familiar with Daytona Beach, which can get quite crowded and rowdy. But not as many people are familiar with the great town of New Smyrna Beach, located about half an hour south of Daytona Beach. You get all the fun of staying in Daytona, but without all the crowds, crime, and rowdiness.

New Smyrna Beach is one of the best vacation spots in Florida, because it offers so many awesome things to do. There’s literally something for everyone in this town, and once people discover it they come back time and again. Some of the things that help make this place one of the best vacation spots in Florida include:

  • Magnificent beaches. They line the coast in New Smyrna Beach. Watch beautiful sunrises, hang out during the day, and enjoy relaxing evenings. Surfing is very popular here, so join in or admire those who are. You will find areas of the beach that are closed to vehicles, and other areas where you can drive on the beach.
  • Non-chain restaurants. Forget only chain restaurant choices. In New Smyrna Beach you will find a variety of independently owned restaurants that are to die for. No matter what you want – Italian, Mexican, vegan, restaurants on the ocean, etc., you are sure to find a non-chain place serving it up.
  • Unique shops. If you are looking for some great unique shops you will find them on Flagler Ave and Canal Street. From crystals and rocks to local art and more, there’s something for every taste. Plus, New Smyrna Beach offers a year-round farmer’s market that features local artisans.
  • Fun activities. There’s so much to do here whether you want to spend your time outdoors, indoors, on the water, in the woods, shopping, creating art, etc. Plus, we are in close proximity to be able to check out places like Disneyworld, Kennedy Space Center, and the Daytona International Speedway.

Those who choose New Smyrna Beach for their top vacation spot in Florida never regret it. This is a beach town with a beach life vibe that will make you never want to leave. Check out our condo rental that is just steps from the beach. Reserve your beach condo vacation today!